Getting Solar Blinds For Your Retail Center

We are proud to announce that our retail store is now outfitted with beautiful solar shades.

Buffalo Records strives to make our customers and clients as comfortable as possible.

These new solar shades that were just installed will help keep the sun out of our client’s eyes without having to completely lose out on the beautiful view that we are blessed to have.

As you can already tell, we are extremely excited and have planned for this for about a month now.

We encourage all our clients and customers to shop around in the comfortable cool store.

An added benefit of installing these solar shades is that they make the store much cooler during the day.

Our employees have found themselves turning the air off because of how cold it gets now compared to before when we had no coverings on our windows.

If you have any comments or feedback on our new solar shades, you are more than welcome to submit them to any of our employees.  You can find some great window coverings like these venetian blinds or window treatments for sliding glass doors. They also have standard solar shades like these blackout curtains and motorized blinds. They have roller shades like this roman shade or matchstick blinds. We hope that you enjoy the solar shades as much as us.

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